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Ali Rushdan Tariq

Multi-disciplined Product & UX Designer

I'm a Design Lead at Manulife RED Lab, a corporate innovation and prototyping lab focused on financial services, in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. I enjoy helping startups and corporations innovate through design sprinting, rapid prototyping, and storytelling.

I've also co-written a book about using psychology to effectively design better digital experiences.

In the meantime, I invite you to see what I'm reading on Twitter, what I'm writing on Medium, what I'm capturing on Instagram, what products I'm excited about on Product Hunt, and what I'm busy with on LinkedIn.

Or you can continue to see some of my works below.


A freelance UX/UI project from idea to prototype inside Canada's largest independent home improvement retail chain


A solo UX/UI client project from idea to prototype inside Canada's largest independent home improvement retail chain


Mobile UI/UX

An enterprise innovation project on which I was the Design Lead (the names, details, and screens have been reworked in order to respect the NDA this project is under)

Cover picture showing an iMac with the landing page of FamilyTales


Product Design / Front-end dev

A deep-dive into the story of my first attempt at running a Lean Startup

Other things I've worked on

The Design of Influence

Self-published e-book

This was the result of a joint project with my wife. We fused social psychology and design principles to write an e-book about how to create persuasive and helpful digital products.

Portfolio Heroes

A curation of inspirational UX portfolios

In my pursuit to redo my personal website, I came across a number of amazing portfolios and projects from UX / Interaction Designers around the world. I learned a lot from them, and I thought others might too. So, I decided to curate them and share them with everyone.

Idea Machine

A Udemy course on creativity

In 2013, I developed a fascination for how to improve one's creative capacity. As I poured into the literature, I also saw a rise in popularity of online education. I decided to package up my learnings into a course on how to use various creative thinking tools to generate ideas and solutions.

Things I've written and talked about



  • The Compassionate Enterprise, (Drucker Forum '17) 
  • Designing for Business Objectives, (speaker, uxWaterloo)
  • How to Prototype with Keynote, (speaker + mentor at UX Waterloo Hackathon)
  • Intro to UX, (speaker + workshop at Venture for Canada)
  • Persuasive Design, (speaker at Waterloo Hacks)